It was a major cuteness attack when we went to Pasitos Spanish School to talk about all things brushing and pediatric dentistry with the preschoolers.  We loved the opportunity to talk about pediatric dentistry to Beaverton students!  Dr. Eddie happens to be fluent in Spanish, which was a bonus.  The staff handed out our signature toothbrush kits, discussed the sugar content in their favorite drinks, and demonstrated the proper way to brush and floss with the kids.

The kids dressed up in white t-shirts to symbolize teeth, adorned with teeny tiny “sugar bugs” stuck onto them.  Our sweet helpers donned masks and helped brush and floss the sugar bugs off!  Lots of giggling could be heard.


Rochelle and Brie helping with proper brushing technique.


Dr. Eddie talking about every kid’s favorite drinks…apple juice, chocolate milk, and soda!


Practicing brushing…


Dr. Eddie & friends!




Thank you to our amazing team (Traci, Brie, and Rochelle) for coming along and making for a super fun day!  To parents and educators: we love any chance to come and chat with students about oral hygiene, so please let us know if this sounds like something your students would enjoy.  Greenburg Pediatric Dentistry is located centrally in Southwest Portland just off the 217 on Greenburg Road, across the freeway from Tigard, so our pediatric dental team easily can visit your schools in Tigard, Beaverton, Tualatin, and Portland.

xo, your Portland pediatric dental team,

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